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NYC Day 2

June 29, 2018- Friday

After sleeping in and resting up we got ready for today's venture. We headed down south to the 9/11 Memorial to the site of the World Trade Center to pay our respects. As we walked around the sacred grounds so many emotion ran through me. I immediately went back to where I was when that horrific day happened. I was in my high school English class when a classmate ran in and told us to turn on the T.V. We all know what I saw.

As I walked through this serene place listening to the sounds of the peaceful waterfalls, I quietly read the names.

We took a brake for lunch and work stuff and headed across the street to Brookfield Place NY. Inside this massive shopping mecca was some of the finest retailers around. We headed for the food court, which was something more like out of a Las Vegas Casino complex. So many different choices of quality food, it was hard to decide. The view's were spectacular and I gazed out on the Hudson River watching the numerous beautiful yachts docked and heading out of port.

This was truly a great place to work from as everything I needed was within reach, including the calmness of the water next to me.

Once we finished up, we went down into the 9/11 Memorial. Immediately, I felt over come yet again with the emotions. As we descended down the stairs into the crypt I was truly impressed with the design and thought that went into this project.

As we explored and read all the displays and stories a few things stood out to me in a very personal way.

The images of the burnt and destroyed fire trucks, old damaged police badges, and the honor beam decorated with memorabilia of the rescue and clean up crews hit home. Being a 1st responder myself with many many dear friends in these professions, I couldn't help but picture them and myself on the other side of this. What would we have done if it was us responding to this event? Truth is, we would have done the same thing as these fallen heros, and very likely could be us being memorialized.

We continue through watching the videos replay the planes crashing into the towers, hearing the sounds of chaos of the day, and quietly reflecting the monumental impact that day would have on us all.

Next thing I realize, we have been in there for nearly 5 hours and are being asked to leave as it was now 9pm and they were closed. I couldn't believe how long we had been down there and there were still 2 more sections for us to go. We were able to briskly walk through them on our way and I look forward to coming back again one day and finish seeing the remaining stories. This is truly an ALL DAY event, so plan accordingly.

As we left, I got a text from my buddy who also happens to be the owner of Infamous Brewing Company, Josh Horrowitz. Josh was crucial to our early days of getting Destination Brewing Co. off the tarmac. Josh was nearby so we meet up and walked over together to a nearby bar for a drink.