Destination: San Antonio, TX June 2017

Nothing like a weekend getaway than visiting our neighbor city, San Antonio. We spent the weekend visiting friends and with a great local organization the Ancient Order of Hibernians. The Ancient Order of Hibernians is an Irish Catholic group focusing on fraternity, charity, and faith.

We stayed at the Hilton Palacio del Rio right on the Riverwalk. Our room was very clean with a complimentary mini-fridge (always a plus when you need to keep your Red Dirt Red Ale samples cold for some pitches). Our location was great as we were in the heart of all the action and close to everything one needs to enjoy a weekend away.

First we set out to the old Pearl Brewing facility which has been converted into several businesses. We went to have a few drinks at Hotel Emma and were stoked to see them carrying Infamous' Sweep the Leg (which is by far the best peanut butter stout out there). I was very pleased to see the historic charm was kept and infused with some modern ideas, such as the old fermenters being converted into VIP style booths. Their whisky selection was very refreshing. They even carry Old Overholt Rye Whisky which was featured in the hit show "Boardwalk Empire" with ties back to prohibition era.

The next day was spent with the Ancient Order of Hibernians. We were very fortunate to meet and listen to Medal of Honor recipient Major General Patrick Henry Brady speak. Maj. Gen. Brady's story about his time serving in the Vietnam War is extremely impressive so we purchased several of his books to be given away to our first 5 Keg Sponsors. Proceeds from Maj. Gen. Brady's book sales go to help veterans, something we are also passionate about. Please stay tuned for more about our Keg Sponsorship program.

For dinner we went to Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery, a 75 year old staple of San Antonio culinary scene. This is a must go to restaurant. The food was great, the service was impressive, and the decor was festive and kept the party going!

We ended the night at Waxy O'Connors listening to great live music and drinking Guinness. (Waxy, feel free to add our Red Dirt Red Ale to y'alls draft line...its a great Irish style red ale)

San Antonio is deeply enriched in culture and history. There is infinite amount of sights to see, foods to taste, and drinks to enjoy. A weekend is never enough to take all the experiences in. I have been to San Antonio numerous times and alway find something new to try. Not every trip has to be thousands of miles away, the ones right down the road can be just as memorable.